10 Most Common Electric Problems

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    For the amount of wiring running through our homes, and the increasing reliance we have on recharging electronics for work, school, and fun, we should probably think about electricity more than we do. Fact is, we take it for granted. That is, until we are without the power that keeps our homes and lives running smoothly. Pickett Electrical is here to help you when you run into some of the most common electric problems you may encounter in your home.

    1. Short circuit. We all trip our circuits from time to time. It may be from your circuit being overloaded or from an appliance that is pulling too much current because it needs to be replaced. However, if the same circuit or breaker is being tripped with different appliances, you need to call out one of our electricians so we can take a look.
    2. Flickering lights. Your lights should be constant, unless you are actively dimming them. If you have lights that have new bulbs and you notice them flickering, randomly dimming, or turning off all together, you may have an issue with the connections. These loose connections can lead to a hazardous situation for your home, including fire, so let us take care of the issue right away.
    3. Burning through lightbulbs. In addition to flickering lights, keep an eye on how quickly you are going through lightbulbs in the same fixture. A weak or loose connection can cause bulbs to go out quicker as the bulb tries to compensate for the faulty wiring. We can check your socket and circuits to make sure everything is in tip top shape, and that your family is safe at home.
    4. Dead outlets. While you can replace a broken outlet cover, much of the work in relation to your outlets should be left to us. A dead outlet may be due to a loose connection, corroded wiring, or a larger concern. We can test the outlet, replace it, and test everything behind the wall that you can’t get to easily.
    5. Warmth. We aren’t talking about the warm glow of your lightbulbs here. Instead, if you notice your lights or outlets are warm to the touch, contact us. The only exception to this would be dimming switches which tend to be warmer than standard light switches.
    6. Not enough outlets. As we tend to plug more in, we need more accessibility to outlets for our electronics. If your home doesn’t have enough outlets, you may be tempted to use extension cords. These cords are fine for a temporary fix, but shouldn’t be a long term solution and shouldn’t be used to carry power to certain appliances. Instead, have our electricians install new and more convenient outlets to help you get power where you need it.
    7. Electric shocks. This doesn’t refer to the sticker shock of your electric bill in the summer, although if you are seeing it climb, you may want to call us to assess your home for any issues we can help with to make it run more efficiently. Instead, we mean being shocked when touching appliances, switches, or outlets. This is more common in older homes, and you may need an upgrade.
    8. Electric overload. Your home is only designed to run so much power. If you are pulling more than your system is designed for, you can cause a fire by overloading your circuits. We can add a sub panel or replace your existing panel to make sure your electricity meets your needs.
    9. Surge the system. With frequent storms, surges are inevitable. Either a home or pole gets hit by lightning, a tree takes down lines, or accidents happen anywhere along the way. A single bolt of lightning carries 1 billion volts of energy which pushes too much current through the lines, causing trouble for your home and the electronics inside. A surge protector can help, but sometimes your home needs a little extra help getting back online.
    10. Inside the walls. We cannot even see a lot of the wiring in our home, we simply have to trust that it was done correctly. One of the biggest concerns are the junction boxes where the main line from outside the home meets wiring inside the home to carry electricity throughout. If this box is damaged or left uncovered, it can be a fire hazard for your home.

    You cannot always predict when one of these electric issues will come up at your home which is why our VIP Club membership is a great investment for your family. With no additional charge for weekends, holidays, or evenings, you can make sure your electric system gets back online as soon as possible. Pickett Electrical is ready to serve your home, from the smallest outlet to the largest panel, and everything in between.

    July 30, 2021