10 Reasons Why You Need a Home Security System

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    Too often our team at Pickett Electrical hears that our customers live in a safe neighborhood where they have never had their home broken into and feel they don’t need a security system. However, you may not realize you need a home security system until it is too late. The emotional and financial damage done by someone breaking and entering is a larger burden than many realize, and a home security system can help prevent that from happening to you. Below are some of the reasons to consider letting Pickett Electrical install one for you.

    1. Protection from burglary. This is the most frequently cited reason why people invest in a home security system, especially in the Houston area. By installing a security system, you and the authorities can be alerted right away to check on and secure your home.

    2. Protection from home invasion. You may think this is covered in the point above, but home invasion takes place when you or a loved one is at home, and someone enters without invitation. By arming your system while you are there or having a convenient way to alert someone for help, you can help protect your family in those circumstances.

    3. Protection from other issues. Many security systems have alerts beyond intrusion. Fire and burst pipes are two of the most common emergencies that security systems can integrate to detect, further protecting you and your home.

    4. Deterrent. Many burglars are looking for an easy and fast target to get as many valuables as possible. Having a security system can deter some of these burglars from even attempting entry and may even halt a burglary from proceeding.

    5. Checking in. Whether you have left teenagers at home during the summer or you are worried about your property while on vacation, security systems can monitor your home while you are away. With motion detectors and the option of video that you can tap into from anywhere, you can check on your home no matter where you are.

    6. Ease of use. Maybe you aren’t sure if you locked the front door, or you need to let a friend in to drop off something. With certain systems, you can lock or unlock your doors with a few taps on your phone and without interrupting your day.

    7. Drop in energy use. The more integrated your home electric system is, the more you can see savings in your energy bill. You can adjust your thermostat, turn off lights, and make other adjustments from afar. Not only will you be able to control your electric bill, but you can make any burglar staking out your home think twice about entering.

    8. Reduced insurance costs. By investing in a home security system, you can see a decrease in your homeowners insurance premium. You are displaying a sound investment by protecting your home further from burglary or other issues.

    9. Footage for yourself. In the event your home or property was damaged, you can use video footage to help with your insurance claim.

    10. Footage for your neighbors. We have all seen videos on social media looking for help identifying someone who may have stolen something or broken into someone’s home or vehicle. Your own video surveillance may help someone else in your community.

    To learn more about ways Pickett Electrical can achieve some or all of these benefits in your home or business, contact us today. For any other electrical work, our team of experienced and licensed technicians can assist as well. Members of our VIP club have no diagnostic fees and get regular maintenance. We are here for all of your wiring, appliance, and security system issues and needs.

    September 30, 2021