8 Benefits of Smart Home Technology

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    When electricity first began appearing in homes and businesses, people marveled at the way their lives seemed changed. Turning on lights with a simple flick of the hand was something new for them. Over the years, more and more appliances were plugged in and wired to this electricity to make their lives and tasks convenient. As our homes and businesses are seeing the development of smart technology work its way into our world, we can marvel once again at the convenience being offered. Pickett Electrical knows the benefits of smart technology are endless.

    1. Security – From a video doorbell to cameras perched around your property, being able to see who is on your property can be a great way to keep your home, business, and those inside secure. While our video doorbells usually capture deliveries and salespeople, occasionally there are prowlers who are staking out a situation or looking to break in. Having this information can help you make decisions on how to secure your home or business, better.

    2. Climate control – We love feeling comfortable and having our home or business at the perfect temperature. Smart technology assists in this in a number of ways. Not only does smart technology begin predicting ideal temperature better, but it is also remotely programmable for convenience. You want to save money while you are not at home by turning the air up or down, depending on the season. With smart technology, when you are on your way home, you can adjust your thermostat to make sure your air is working before you even turn into the driveway.

    3. Opening doors – You may not be able to fully open your doors with smart technology, yet, but you can unlock them, or lock them, as needed. This is great if you lock yourself out of your home, forgot your keys, or need to let a trusted friend in to pick something up or drop something off. Since we always seem to have our phones with us, you can have access to your home as needed.

    4. Adjusting entertainment – While we don’t want to encourage laziness, we do want to encourage comfort! If you are cozy on the couch with a loved one, watching a movie, or enjoying guests and listening to music, you shouldn’t have to get up to adjust or change something about the entertainment you are experiencing. You also shouldn’t have to hunt for the remote. Instead, you can use your phone to make sure everything is perfect.

    5. Saving money – In addition to being able to adjust your thermostat for energy and money savings, you can use smart technology to save money in other ways. If your kids are always leaving lights on, you can turn those off from your phone. There are also some appliances that can run with lower amounts of power, especially when not in use. Smart technology gives you access and control over that output.

    6. Safety – Slightly different than security, but using the same video format, smart technology can help you monitor inside your home for safety. Maybe you have an elderly family member who you need to check in on while at work, surveillance can provide that. Or if you are testing out a new babysitter, you can check in on them while you are on a date. For older kids who can stay at home, it can provide extra peace of mind and let you know if they are completing their chore list before playing their video game…which you can turn off from your phone as well.

    7. Return on investment – Smart technology is rapidly becoming more common in homes and businesses. Not only will you begin to see immediate monetary savings in your electric bill, but if you need to move, you will see a return on that investment when you sell your home. It is a great feature that can help you command the price you want.

    8. Property protection – Some smart technology is advanced enough to let you know if there is a larger issue in your home. While many smoke detectors have had a similar capability for some time, there are now ways to be alerted if a pipe bursts in your home when you are away. By being able to address this quickly, you will reduce the damage done by this event.

    To learn more about smart technology in your home, contact Pickett Electrical, today. We can walk you through all the capabilities that are possible and help your home or business run in a more convenient and safe way.

    September 2, 2021