Commercial Electrical Code Requirements

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    Pickett Electrical is poised to assist you in all of your electrical needs from installing new fixtures to upgrading old wiring at your home or residence. However, our team is also trained and available to provide electrical services, repair, and installation at your business. Having licensed and reputable electricians working in your home or business is important for a number of reasons, but largely because of our expertise in working within the code requirements.

    Commercial Buildings

    Commercial buildings are rated slightly differently than residential homes, although some of the basics, especially those for safety, are similar or the same. Even within the electrical codes, different types of businesses may have different requirements based on layout, purpose, and usage. By contacting our Pickett Electrical team for your needs, you will not only get our expert service, but you can ask us about the specific codes that may apply to your work throughout your business.

    Specific Codes

    While codes vary from county to county, some of the general codes you should be aware of for your commercial electrical needs are listed below.

    1. Grounding – Grounding is needed for the safety and protection of the building and those inside. In the event the building is struck by lightning or there is a short in the system, the voltage follows a protected path to the earth where the energy can be distributed safely. Commercial code not only requires this to be in place, but that it is continuous and permanent and different areas may have specific types.

    2. Labelling Circuits – This seems easy enough, yet many buildings do not update this labelling or never have it in place. By labelling the circuit with the specific purpose, not only will you be within code, but you will make it easier to throw in an emergency or if you are testing out equipment yourself and wondering why appliances aren’t working.

    3. Sealing Penetrations – Water, electricity, and either cold or warm air come into our buildings from the outside. Commercial building codes require these entry points to be sealed properly to prevent issues for the building material and to ensure protection from fire for the wiring that brings electricity.

    4. Fire Blocking – These codes are those that your Pickett Electrical team and your local Fire Marshall can explain hand in hand. Many businesses need specific systems in place that will automatically suppress and/or block a fire from spreading.

    5. GFCI Protection – Not every outlet is the same and those that are near areas that may come in contact with water, like in a bathroom or kitchen will need to be ground-fault circuit-interrupter for the protection of your employees, customers, and clients.

    VIP Club

    Pickett Electrical can work with you on any of your residential or commercial electrical needs. Most businesses will find they need electrical repair and work more than once on different issues throughout the year. By joining our VIP Club you will avoid all diagnostic fees on your electrical needs and never have an overtime charge, even on weekends, holiday, or late night calls. Being a part of our VIP Club means you will get our front of the line service to address any emergency or routine needs so your business won’t miss a day.

    If you are putting up a new commercial building or need electrical work in an existing one in the Houston area, contact Pickett Electrical today. We can set an appointment to meet your needs. We want your business to have everything it needs to provide your clients or industry with what they expect from you.

    September 14, 2021