Electrical Remodeling: When to Hire a Professional

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    It seems most of us like a good DIY project. We want the satisfaction of being able to say you improved your home in a specific way from tightening that loose hinge to repainting your entire downstairs. There are some DIY and remodeling projects that need to be left to the professionals. This is especially true if calling in Pickett Electrical to help with the electrical remodeling of your home.

    Moving and Adding Features

    Sometimes you can move a ceiling fan, light fixture, or outlet on your own. This depends on a number of factors. For your ceiling fan or light, there are wires that run throughout your attic space, so it may be as simple as adjusting where the wiring is stapled down to better meet your needs. For an outlet, The Spruce recommends looking on the opposite side of the wall to see if there is already an outlet or switch nearby that you can tap into. However, “know what circuit you’re tapping into, and don’t exceed its safe load limit by adding a new outlet.” If you need outlets on exterior walls, or you are having difficulty helping your wiring work in the areas you want it to, call us at Pickett Electrical, we have the expertise you need to get the job done quickly and safely.

    Opening and Covering

    Covering old electrical boxes and replacing outlet covers and switch plates are easy ways for you to put a few finishing details on your home, especially if they are decorative or you are changing colors in your home. You can also look to open old covers that you may have forgotten once housed an electric component you may need. By removing the cover and testing the voltage, you could have exactly what you need to add a light in a dim room. Use a non-contact voltage tester to reduce your risk of getting shocked or hurt.

    Bigger Needs

    Many remodels need more electric work than these simple DIY projects, that’s when you should call in the professionals. Some homes find they need updates to the wiring within their walls or new wiring run all together as they add on to their home. Other homeowners may also feel their electricity needs are growing along with their family and want an upgrade to their panel to handle the larger load. Even a few of these DIY projects we mentioned can be handled by professionals, depending on the amount of time you have available or your desire to make sure it is handled safely. If you are working with a contractor on your remodel, they are aware of certain permits that need professional expertise as well. Our team at Pickett Electrical will ensure that the electrical system of your home is safe, functioning, and ready for your family to enjoy. We can help with any sized project. Once your remodel is done, having our VIP Club membership is a great way to protect your home from emergencies as we can come out any time you are having issues that need our attention, even on weekends or holidays. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for a current need, contact us today.

    July 30, 2021