How to Avoid an Electrical Fire

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    Wires run throughout our home, and we’ve become even more dependent on the electricity they provide for our technology-driven lifestyles. While electricity is extremely safe in most cases, there are some hazards to be concerned about, especially when those hazards lead to electrical fires. Pickett Electrical can help keep your home, business, family, and friends safe by identifying these common causes of electrical fires and working to prevent them from happening.

    In Need of Inspection

    If you live in an older home, you may need a professional from Pickett Electrical to look over your system to make sure everything is up to date and up to code. An inspection will help identify any current issues, potential issues, and allow for the opportunity to clean dirt and dust from panels and breakers. Our Pickett Electrical VIP Club includes annual check-ups for your electrical system for this exact reason.

    Aging Appliances and Wiring

    Both the appliances you plug in and the wiring itself cannot last forever. The older these items get, especially when pairing old wiring with old appliances, the risk of an electrical fire increases. This aging issue is so prevalent that “19% of non-residential building fires and 13% of residential fires are due to equipment, appliance, or electrical malfunctions” according to FireTrace International.

    System Overload

    As our homes and businesses plug more in, we draw more power from the circuits and breakers that are already in place. Some of these circuits and breakers were not designed for the amount of use that we expect in our day and age and will start to experience various electrical problems. If you smell something burning near your panel or have a circuit that continually trips, the safest course of action is to call out a Pickett Electrician to evaluate the upgrades you may need. This work is quick for our expert team, and your safety is worth the call.

    To schedule an appointment with our Pickett Electrical team, call us at 832-271-7851. We can evaluate your system, make any repairs, or inform you of upgrades that will help your home run smoother and safer.

    August 24, 2021